Your weekly limit for sending LinkedIn invitations has been reached.

After attempting to send an invitation on LinkedIn, you encounter an error message notifying you that you have reached your weekly limit for sending LinkedIn invitations. 😅

What should you do next?

Firstly, there’s no need to panic! Rest assured, your account is safe and not in any jeopardy. This temporary suspension is merely a precautionary measure. 😜

Why have I reached the weekly invitation limit on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has implemented an update to enhance the quality of relationships established on its social network. Following a thorough analysis of this update and its impact on our user base, we can confirm the following details:

  • The update applies to all LinkedIn users.
  • It is not influenced by the number of pending requests you have sent.
  • Your performance metrics, such as acceptance rate and message responses, do not affect the update.
  • The size of your network does not play a role in this update.
  • The limitation on weekly invitation sends affects both standard and premium users, including those using Sales Navigator. No LinkedIn subscription allows for additional invitation sends.
  • The update reduces the maximum number of connection requests users can send to approximately 100 per week.

How can you remove or increase the weekly invitation limit?

Upon receiving this message, regrettably, there are no immediate actions you can take. You will need to patiently wait until the next week to resume sending new invitations on LinkedIn.

How does Leadsourcing handle the situation when you have reached your weekly invitation limit?

In Leadsourcing, when you reach your weekly invitation limit, your invitations will be listed as “Pending” in your campaigns and queue. These pending invitations will be automatically sent out in the following week once LinkedIn has released your quota of invitations.


With the significant reduction in manually sent connection requests on LinkedIn, it becomes crucial to be more attentive and precise when selecting your targets and prospects. Ensuring that they are highly qualified is essential to avoid wasting your limited invitation quota on prospects who are not suitable or relevant to your goals. Being strategic and focused in your approach will help maximize the impact of your invitations.


Does the limitation of invitations on LinkedIn imply that I am banned?

If you received the alert message, there’s no need to panic as you haven’t been banned. You have simply surpassed the weekly quota for sending LinkedIn connection requests.

What steps can I take to remove the weekly invitation restriction on LinkedIn?

Regrettably, you will need to wait until the subsequent week to have the invitation limit lifted.

Does the restriction have a negative impact on your professional reputation on LinkedIn?

No need to worry. Rest assured that other users are not informed about the restriction imposed on your account.

Will I receive a notification from LinkedIn when the restriction is lifted?

There is no requirement to constantly check your email. The most effective way to confirm if the restriction has been lifted is to conduct a test. So now you have all the information about the weekly LinkedIn invitation limit! 🚀