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Leadsourcing leverages generative AI to create personalized email and LinkedIn campaigns at scale using lead data and sales personas.

We generate high quality leads

We personalise outreach campaigns

We convert leads into meetings


Generate High Quality Leads:

We do all the heavy lifting to discover your ideal customers. We generate high-quality leads, validate their email addresses, and compile a detailed list that includes their names, company info, job titles, locations, LinkedIn profiles, email addresses and more. It’s like having a goldmine of potential customers delivered right to your doorstep!


Effortless Outreach Campaign:

Think of us as your virtual sales team. We set up email, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn sequence and outreach for you. Then, like magic, we craft engaging messages and follow-ups. Plus, we know which channel works best in different situations. No more cold calling or endless outreach tasks!


Expert Conversations with Your Leads:

Getting responses from leads is great, but it’s only the beginning. We read and respond to emails and messages from your leads. Even basic customer inquiries are handled by us. We’re your 24/7 customer support, booking meetings and answering questions.

Handling 'Not now'

We will respond with a proposition to talk later and ask about a more suitable time.

Handle 'Not interested'

Say goodbye to lost opportunities. We can handle responses and provides counter-offers.

Forwarding requests

Reached out to the wrong person? We will inquire about the appropriate contact.

"How are you different?"

Prospect asking how you differ from competitors? Let us provide them with a detailed explanation.


Hassle-Free Meeting Scheduler:

We handle everything from finding potential leads to actually scheduling meetings for you. Your calendar will be bursting with opportunities, and all you have to do is show up and seal the deal. It’s like having your own personal assistant dedicated to filling your calendar with promising meetings!

Booking meetings

If a prospect replies with an intent to book a call, we will suggest a time and date and book a slot in calendars.

Reschedule meeting

We seamlessly handles meeting reschedule or cancel requests by your prospect.

Your #1 Virtual SDR

What are we providing?
  • Outbound Campaign Strategy
  • Lead Research & Validation
  • Campaign Management
  • Email Deliverability Monitoring
  • AI Personalised Icebreaker
  • Automation Settings
  • Virtual SDR x 1
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Funnel Auditing
  • Weekly Reporting

Case Studies

Before Leadsourcing

3 months campaign

  •  650 prospects sent 
    • 38.7% Opening Rate
    • 5% Showing Interest
    • 1% Conversion Rate (Meetings booked)
    • US$1250 Revenue Generated
Logistic SaaS Platform (Saturnspark)

After Leadsourcing

3 months campaign

  •  1,236 prospects sent 
    • 72.4% Opening Rate
    • 15.6% Showing Interest
    • 6% Conversion Rate (Meetings booked)
    • US$7325 Revenue Generated
Logistic SaaS Platform (Saturnspark)

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is the procedure and cost structure like?

Here’s the justification:

– We don’t outsource, there’s no shortcuts here.
– It’s not expensive compared to an agency (go try!).
– It’s also cheaper than hiring someone.
– You could very well go find freelancers to do all this, but that’s a lot of time as well and there won’t be much savings. Also, what if they suck at it?
– The major problem with each of these is that they’re things you have to manage. You don’t have to manage us.

How do you find leads?

We use a combination of sources including linkedin sales navigator to manually collect relevant target customers. We also built a data aggregator to collect leads based on your persona.

Can you charge based on the number of leads you bring in? Or some kind of performance metric?

No. Generally one of the following is true for startups:

– You don’t have a repeatable, scalable sales process. If you do, forget about us. Call your investors and raise your next round. This is called a money machine, you don’t need us. Go hire 10 BDRs immediately.
– You don’t have predictable sales. Again, if you do, please tell your investors, they’ll give you more money.
– Your product isn’t quite ready to sell. It’s probably still under heavy development. That means we’d put in all the time and take on all the risk. We’d probably have to stop working with startups to do it this way.

We also believe that the insights from these campaigns can be just as valuable as sales in the early days.

Essentially, we’d have to stop working with startups to do performance-based pricing.

Do you respond to the replies, or do we?

We will follow up with you. We may follow up to try to overcome the objections or simply thank them for replying if the prospect says no outright. Our goal is for you to have no work until a meeting is scheduled.

Could I do it on my own?

Absolutely yes. However, it is most likely an ineffective use of your time and we could optimize it.

Who do we not collaborate with?

– Companies we don’t feel are ready to engage customers yet.

– Founders with unrealistic expectations (i.e. closing a Fortune 100 customer in the first month of the service)

– Products we feel don’t do good for the world

– Products we feel aren’t a good fit (we try to stick to b2b SAAS)

– Recruiting companies is tough

How long will it take for you to be able to start the outreach?

We’ll need 3-5 days to warm up fully fresh email addresses, together with a young domain.

Who is responsible for doing the job? Is it handled by a third party?

We are the ones who will do the work. Nothing is outsourced. Our talented individuals provide a delectably easy and effective service.

Do you send follow-up emails or do you simply send them once?

All of the emails are being followed up on. We will take care well of the emails and just thank them for their time.

When it comes to objections, they may get rather detailed at times. We can attempt to overcome a few common ones before passing them on to you.

Is it possible for you to take care of the meetings for me?

Unfortunately no. We don’t think you can outsource your company’s insights, but we do believe we can help you speed them. Consider how different your investor update and pipeline would be if you increase your monthly meetings!

EA License Number: 71010