Different types of cold email

Cheaper, better and faster versus an in-house team.

We will manage your campaign(s) with 500 prospects and 3,000 emails sent in total. This plan is ideal for early-stage businesses seeking to identify their customers.

Early Bird Plan Features:

  • 500 Unique Prospects
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Market Research Report
  • Lead Research & Validation
  • Campaign Management
  • Unlimited Copy Edits
  • Weekly Reporting

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About the Package

This is an early bird plan designed for new businesses. It allows you to try out our service while also allowing us to warm up your email to ensure deliverability.

What about the results?

As you can see, the results are actually based on different sectors. Several of our most successful campaigns share a few characteristics:

  • The products were actually ready to sell.¬†
  • The product was for a vertical SaaS.
  • For certain verticals (healthcare for example), a follow up call with a BDR from the company after the emails sent.
  • Attractive collateral (Instagram posts, blog posts, e-books, pdfs, etc).

The figures you’re looking for are as follows:

  • 60% – 80% Open Rates
  • 2%-6% Response Rates¬†
  • <3% Bounce Rates

Need help with a tailored outreach campaign?

No problem! Send us your information and we’ll see what we can do. Personalization can be added to any of the services listed above.