Transforming the way of how recruitment services work

Leverage the power of Leadsourcing recruitment automation to find more candidates and make more hires – all in one place.

Recruitment Plan Overview (Local)

12% of first-year base salary per hire
  • High quality, high intent talent pool
  • Compensation transparency
  • Completed assessment scores
  • Premium customer support
  • Early access to new features
  • Discounted access to our tools

Contractor Plan Overview (Remote)

Pay as you go
  • Hire without a local entity
  • Minimise your hiring costs
  • Outsource your day to day tasks at the lowest rate
  • All hiring follows local labor laws and tax regulations
  • We process payroll on your behalf
  • Multiple regions

Non-stop reaching out your potential candidates without draining your time

How Do We Grow Your Candidates Pipeline


In Leadsourcing, we leverage laser-accurate search results from a multitude of sourcing platforms to compile prospective candidate pools to assist the talent search and expedite the process. ​


Our consultants with their extensive recruiting experience will conduct evaluations on each candidate, focusing on specialist markets and knowing what skill sets are required for each corresponding role.​


Significantly increase productivity by building powerful virtual bots and automated processes that consistently scope your market(s) and deliver high-quality results at speeds that your competitors simply can’t match.​

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candidates stay with our clients​
100 %
Hiring Speed​
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client base are through referrals

What Clients Are Saying

Because they have a good understanding of the HK start-up scene, you can always rely on them to diligently source the right candidate for client services.

Michelle Lee

Ex-Talent Acquisition of GOGOVAN

Leadsourcing always tries to understand our true needs before actively seeking candidates who are a good fit. In comparison to other firms, their service is very unique, and I have always been satisfied with the results.

Enoch Mak

Director of Santric Capital

With such a meticulous process and attention to candidates, I'm confident that client hires made through Leadsourcing will be very meaningful, long-term matches.

Gavin Chan

Senior Software Engineer

Leadsourcing enables businesses to make more successful hires by unleashing the power of data & automation on vital everyday recruitment tasks. Reduce the time spent on traditional manual processes and make use of freed-up time to build the candidates pipeline.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What kind of clients do you work with?

We offer a comprehensive range of services across various industries, including healthcare, finance, education, and technology. Our team has expertise in areas such as project management, data analytics, software development, quality assurance, and customer service. As for our client base, we serve both small businesses and large enterprises, and we're always looking to forge new partnerships with innovative companies.

What is the procedure and cost structure like?

The process is simple and free for candidates looking for work! Send us your CV and we will assist you in finding what you are looking for.


If you are looking for talent, we will work with you to fully understand your needs and expectations for the role, and we will make strategic recommendations on the types of candidates we believe would be a good fit. We will negotiate salaries after matching you with the right candidate in order to protect our candidate's needs while serving you. Once the position has been filled, you must pay within a specified time frame.


Only successful cases are charged.

How quickly will I receive updates on the recruitment process?

We work quickly and consistently, but the timeline is affected by a variety of factors, including our clients' needs, candidate availability, and so on. It could take a few days or several months. However, we will always maintain constant communication with candidates and keep our clients up to date on the status of our search process.

EA License Number: 71010