Use Keywords for Lead Generation. Automated.

Unlike most market solutions, we do not employ a database (neither acquired or built up from our customers). We use our own search engine with algorithm to search results from your keywords and website url. 

Search your prospects from website url 🔎

Import your company lists and websites that you want to search, together with the job title you are looking for, our engine can search online and export a list of your ideal prospects right away. (Template included)

Auto search your leads by keywords 🎯

Type your targeted keywords to search your leads and the results will be generated within 10 seconds. We only use our own search engine to perform the search (most updated data) and no database will be stored in our platform.

Export your results for outreach campaigns ❤️

Once you have your results exported, you can import LinkedIn Urls to our LinkedIn automation tool as well as import them to our Email Finder. Our tools can help you to kickstart your LinkedIn outreach campaigns straight away with verified work emails.

Lead generation Samples

Kickstart your lead generation. Uncover customers. In a blink.

Leadsouring is crafted to be exceptionally user-friendly. No advanced skills or lengthy time commitments required.

Within minutes, anyone can initiate their LinkedIn prospecting journey.