How do I warm up my LinkedIn account?

Prior to utilizing an automation tool, it is crucial to warm up your LinkedIn account; otherwise, you run the risk of being swiftly banned by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn can be likened to a vigilant entity, much like a deity or the office air conditioner, observing and overseeing our activities. It has the power to take both favorable and unfavorable actions in order to steer us back onto the correct course of adhering to the Terms and Conditions. 😬

This article aims to assist you in that regard. 😊

Optimize your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn tends to be highly cautious when it comes to new accounts. 👀

It is essential to have a top-notch profile, including a professional photo, a comprehensive description, detailed work experiences, relevant training, and a summary of your skills. 😁

Optimizing your profile primarily contributes to improving your conversion rate.

To optimize your profile, I recommend reading this article that provides you with all the necessary insights and guidance.

Have relationships

Before utilizing an automation tool, it is important to establish a certain number of connections:

  • Manually add your colleagues and individuals from your professional network.
  • Include former schoolmates from the educational courses you have listed in your profile.
  • Connect with individuals who are part of your 2nd-degree network, meaning you share at least one common connection.
  • Add potential prospects who align with your target audience or persona.

Develop a curated selection of content.

The “Content Selection” section on LinkedIn enables you to showcase links to your company’s website or any other relevant websites, videos, photos, LinkedIn articles, and publications on your profile.

You can include any desired content in this section! 🚀

Recommendations, hashtags, and skills

It is crucial for your LinkedIn account to appear genuine and human-like to avoid any suspicion of being a fake account by LinkedIn.

Follow hashtags

It is beneficial to follow hashtags on LinkedIn as they enable you to reference specific content. By doing so, you can refine and specify your monitoring preferences, ensuring that you access the most relevant content for you.

Add skills

You have the option to include up to 50 skills on your LinkedIn profile. By featuring relevant skills, you enable others to recognize and identify your strengths.

Prepare your prospecting strategy

LinkedIn serves as a vast database encompassing around 700 million users. Yes, you heard it right. Your potential customers are already present on LinkedIn; all you need to do is reach out to them. That’s why it’s crucial to establish a robust prospecting strategy: defining your target persona, optimizing your profile, mastering the utilization of LinkedIn’s filters and search functions, enhancing your visibility on the platform to gain recognition, and effectively making yourself known.


Embarking on automation requires a systematic approach that involves optimizing your LinkedIn profile and executing manual actions. Once these steps are followed diligently, it becomes crucial to implement an intelligent prospecting strategy to maximize the benefits of using Leadsourcing. We are here to provide assistance and unwavering support throughout the process. 💪