A better ChatGPT for LinkedIn outreach.

Leadsourcing is a Chrome extension that generates higher conversion messages personalized to your recipients.

Fast to set up

Create a message template in a single sentence and reuse it for any recipients.

Customized tone

Choose a tone of voice that will convey your message just how you want it to.

Highly personalized

Leadsourcing utilizes the recipient's public LinkedIn profile data to craft personalized messages.

Streamline your LinkedIn outreach with automated invitations and messages.

Who can use Leadsourcing?


Increase the size of your acquisition. Promote your services.


Grow your network. Create hundreds of opportunities. Every week.


Expand the pool of candidates. Recruit the best talent.


No technical skill is required. In only 10 minutes per day.

Happy customers ❤️

I have been using it for a couple months and it has become my go-to solution for converting prospects into clients. I started for free, and the return on investment has been remarkable. The platform's advanced targeting capabilities and seamless automation have given me a competitive edge. It's a no-brainer decision for any business.

Liam Lo

VP of Sales at Gogochart

Leadsourcing exceeded our expectations. It quickly identified high-quality leads, resulting in a significant boost in conversions. The intuitive interface and exceptional customer support make it a valuable tool for any business.

Benny Wong

Founder at Saturnspark

Leadsourcing really helped us scale up our outbound and allowed us to iterate on messaging and target personas. Mitchell, Chetan and the team are so knowledgeable and responsive - we definitely could not have run experiments as effectively or quickly without them.

Kay Chiu

Head of Sales at Bookaboo

Other tools? Yes, we do.

Lead Generation 💻

Email Finder 🔎

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Leadsourcing over others?

We have some Amazing Growth Marketing tools to help you scale your Business. Unlike most similar tools on the market, we provide you with 100% Accurate Results at a much more Affordable Rate.

What is the limit of invitation requests on LinkedIn?

Leadsourcing enables you to automatically send up to 150 invitations every week. All of this while ensuring the safety of your LinkedIn account.

What is a credit?

A credit is a search within the tool. Each time you perform a search, one credit will be deducted from your account.

Yes, we charge 1 credit per search, even if the email is not found. This is because we apply over 10+ verification processes before providing any results, other competing tools simply give you a random permutation of email without any verification.

Quick explanation on credit usage for each tool:

Email Finder:

Unlike most market solutions, we do not employ a database (neither acquired or built up from our customers). We created our own API with partners for real-time finding and verification of professional email addresses. As a result, 1 credit refers to a query to our API rather than any data delivered.

  • enriches with the LinkedIn profile (contact + company)
  • detects the company changes
  • normalizes your contact information
  • adds and cleans the job title
  • rectifies first name/last name inversions and corrects first names
  • corrects fake domains and email addresses


If a connection request is sent via Leadsourcing Chrome Extension, you will spend 1 credit for each task.

If a personalized message is generated via Leadsourcing Chrome Extension, you will spend 1 credit for each task.

Will the auto outreach keep running if I close the chrome browser?

The automation won’t kick in if you close your Chrome browser. It’ll only do its thing when your browser is up and running on your computer. You don’t have to worry about keeping your LinkedIn page open or which tab you have active. Just relax and let it work its magic while you browse freely.

Do you have an API?

We are working on the API, which should be launched pretty soon.

Can I invite Team Members to my account?

Currently, you can’t invite team members to your account. However, this feature is under development & will be available soon.

Still not interested?

You get 50 free credits to start.