Attracting top talent with these 4 powerful LinkedIn recruitment templates.

Do you work in human resources and want to know how to produce an excellent LinkedIn post recruitment? Keep reading because that’s exactly what we’re going to look at today. What exactly is the program captain? So, I’m pleased you asked!

  • 4 LinkedIn job posting templates
  • Why do a LinkedIn Recruitment Post?
  • Tips for writing an outstanding job post. A LinkedIn job posting that piques your interest.
  • Hashtags.

With LinkedIn’s vast community of millions, it’s no wonder it has become the ultimate platform for recruitment and showcasing job openings. But remember, capturing the curiosity of potential candidates requires finesse. Fear not, for we’re about to spill all our secrets. Get ready, folks. It’s time to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn recruitment posts!

4 templates for LinkedIn recruitment posts

Without further ado, here are some templates for recruitment posts to help you attract the best nuggets to your team. Keep in mind that you’re in high demand as a recruiter, so concentrate on what can entice a candidate to join you. Put your internship and job opportunities under fixed-term or permanent categories.

Putting the environment of the company first

You can very well present all of the benefits of the organization and your individuality to entice your possible partner. Let us investigate more.

💡 Are you looking for the best Project Manager in Hong Kong? Then consider the following:
Then consider the following:
– A fantastic open space
– Transportation to the company is provided🚕
– A gym is accessible on the premises🏋️
– Quality afterwork and team building🍻
– A competitive salary💰

Here’s what we now have to offer:
📈Project Consultant (junior or senior, face-to-face or remote)
💁It works like this: [Insert your ad link]
#recruitment #newtalents #projectconsultant

Template for attracting talent through compensation

Yes, we should not be deceived; many of your prospects will mention to the pay you will offer him; you can highlight this distinctiveness by expressing it openly.

💡 We are seeking for a full stack developer for the company [insert your company name].
👉 Pay is very attractive:
– 50 to 70k gross annual salary, depending on profile.
– Popular restaurant card charged at 60%.🍔
– Vacation and Christmas bonuses.🎄
– A bonus of $15,000.💰
If you are a developer, please contact me via LinkedIn message or directly in the comments section of this page!
You can also apply on our website 👉 [insert link to your job post] 🔥

Highlighting the company’s most recent arrivals

This is a method of introducing new joiners while also allowing you to bring in new applicants.

💡 We at [insert company name] enjoy welcoming new employees.
So, please welcome 🎊:
-John Doe, community manager🙆‍♂️(we hope he’ll make funnier jokes than Burger King’s CM)
– Jane Doe, web developer👩‍💻 (she will “apache” our fantastic website)
– Jason Doe, customer service🙋‍♂️ (she will be looking after our customers)
But we still need another customer service representative, and we’re just waiting for you to join the team.
Apply in the comments👇

Using a photo to attract talent

Of course, for all of these examples, you will need to build your professional platform presence; else, you may wind up with nothing. And a word of caution: do it with your personal account. These templates will provide you with resumes to add to your resume-library.

💡 Do you see this image?
It’s “the place to be,” where all of our skills want to be.
Do you want to come along with us? 🎉 We have several positions available to you:
👉 Software Engineer
👉 Operations Associate
👉 Marketing Manager Use this link [insert link] to apply.
Alternatively, leave a comment directly below.

[Insert a photo of the workstation]

Post LinkedIn recruitment: Why do it?

As previously said, LinkedIn has millions of users, more than 850 million in 200 countries. LinkedIn’s primary function is to help people find work. As a result, you can imagine that the platform provides you with exceptional visibility.

LinkedIn is attracting an increasing number of recruiters in the professional sphere. Aside from providing you with visibility, you may submit your advertising by making a job offer. But that’s not all; the social media specialist has also created a tool that makes it easier to recruit: LinkedIn recruiter.

Of course, before you can submit a recruiting ad, you must first establish yourself on LinkedIn, then begin publishing and gradually increase your frequency. If you put up a job posting and don’t have anyone in your network or they never see it, you won’t get very far.

Tips for a Fantastic Recruitment Post

You’ll need to start increasing your visibility on the network if you want to post amazing content. You’ll already need to target your audience for this. Don’t be afraid to add people from the same industry as you; this allows you to target possible candidates for the job offer you’ve created. The next step in your journey is to become more active on LinkedIn.

Discuss the employers you’ve worked for, the experiences you’ve had, and any anecdotes regarding the HR community. Once you’ve identified your target audience and have the algorithm’s attention, it’s time to create your recruitment advertising. They can be compared on recruitment platforms (including LinkedIn) such as JobsDB.

Your publications will have more impact if you post on a frequent basis. The purpose is to demonstrate:

  • Your knowledge
  • The values of the company for which you work
  • Your own unique brand

It will also provide an opportunity to hone your copywriting talents.

Catchphrases for a LinkedIn job posting

So, we’ve got the templates for highlighting a job posting on LinkedIn, but how do I attract the right candidate from the first line of my post? Have you ever seen post teasers that compelled you to click “See more”? That is exactly what you must do.

Come on, we’ll give you three hooks to get applicants to apply to you.

💡 I’m not sure what SEO is…

You demonstrate your lack of knowledge in this example. You can also add at the end of the post that you are searching for a certain position so that they can describe what their job entails, for example.


There, you will address an audience that is in the same industry as you. Then you’ll ask them a question like, “How do you recruit developers?” You’ll kill two birds with one stone: you’ll attract talent while also receiving recruitment tips.

💡 Do you want to be a part of an extraordinary startup adventure?🔥

In this final example, you provide the information that you are in a specific setting, and then you will be able to reveal all of the details about the position you are seeking.

Hashtags in LinkedIn job postings

We couldn’t leave out LinkedIn hashtags. And they become very appealing for your recruitment campaigns. You can provide information about using these small hashtags (make them relevant, of course).

  • The location (for example, #Hongkong if the job is in Hong Kong.)
  • The targeted position (#fullstackdeveloper).
  • The commitment of time (#fulltime).
  • To advertise that you are recruiting (#recruitment), and it also allows job seekers to search the hashtag #recruitment.


When you work as a recruiter, your main goal is to uncover the rare pearl, the ideal applicant, the talent that will round out your team. So you’ll need to create a terrific recruitment post to entice this one to come to you. But it isn’t all. In fact, in order to submit a job, you must first find the appropriate platform. So, what do you think? LinkedIn is precisely what you require. As a result, we have seen:

  • You can use these four templates to attract prospects to your firm.
  • Why create a LinkedIn job posting?
  • A post’s catchphrases.
  • In addition, incorporate hashtags in your recruitment posts.

By utilizing the many templates provided in this post, you will be able to significantly increase the visibility of your employer brand. You must be identified on LinkedIn.