Cold Email As A Service

We can not only help you get leads and crush your outbound cold emails but also increase the number of meetings and accelerate customer insights.


Our Services

We hear you! Prospecting and constant emailing can be time-consuming.

We understand that constantly sending cold emails is important but also time consuming, so our team can help you handle your outbounds, all you need to do is focus on closing deals and raising money.

Hunting Leads

We understand that qualified leads are the foundation of a business, our team can provide lists of prospects that are related to the clients/customers for which you are looking.


Our team has assisted numerous companies with successful campaigns, and we can assist you in avoiding the difficulties and mistakes we made.

We Are Your Top-Of-Funnel

We are the top of the funnel in your company, so your team can get more warm leads and even meetings throughout the day instead of wasting time searching for and qualifying outbound leads.

Engineering Approach

We are a group of startup-minded individuals with engineering and operations backgrounds who have come together to help businesses grow faster and more smoothly.

Our Process

There's no magic involved.

We are your personal magician for your outbound leads.

We get into the routine of sending an A/B test to a new batch of leads every week. Imagine having insights and meetings appear automatically. All you need to do is pick up the phone and make a qualified and less painful call.

Step 1. Strategy

We collaborate to create the initial strategy. We A/B test our way to a repeatable sales process from there.

Step 2. Hunt Leads

We hunt leads from different platforms like LinkedIn, and of course, we will spend time cleaning these lists and validating email addresses to keep bounce rates low.

Step 3. Send & Measure

We are attempting to establish a weekly cadence of a new batch of leads and a new A/B test. In our weekly report, we deliver new insights. In addition, we check your inbox twice a day for responses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We manually gather relevant target customers/clients for you from a variety of sources, including LinkedIn and our own database.

We will follow up with you and will try to overcome the objections or simply thank them for replying if the prospect says no outright. Our goal is for you to have no work until a meeting is scheduled.

You will organize one for us. It can be your personal email address (i.e. or a new email (e.g.

Sure! However, it is most likely an ineffective use of your time and we can bring you better results.

We will need 1-2 weeks to warm up the email address for completely new email addresses with a new domain. And we may still have lower sending volumes at first, which will gradually increase on a weekly basis.

We are the ones who will do the work. Nothing is outsourced. Our talented individuals provide a delectably easy and effective service.

All of the emails are being followed up on. We will take care well of the emails and just thank them for their time.
When it comes to objections, they may get rather detailed at times. We can attempt to overcome a few common ones before passing them on to you.

Unfortunately no. We don't think you can outsource your company's insights, but we do believe we can help you speed them. Consider how different your investor update and pipeline would be if you increase your monthly meetings!